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PSB Foto Assignments 2014

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September 2, 2014~

Just a quick update as things are starting to heat up with photo assignments~ will be covering Brewers, Badger football, and Brewers over the next two weeks. Check back often or click on Corbis link on home page for most recent photos.


Badger football by PSB Foto ~ November 14, 2013

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November 14, 2013~

It’s been a while since I updated the blog so a quick note or two.

I have another Badger football game this weekend against Indiana. After attending last weekends Badger football game have to share how impressed I was with the singer of the National Anthem, Skylar Stecker, left me impressed to say the least. After doing some research found out her parent’s recently moved to Southern California from Wisconsin in order to pursue her career. Interesting to say career when referring to an 11-year-old but if her parents are good with it so be it. An article by Doug Moe of the Wisconsin State Journal on the Stecker story. Her voice and stage presence belie her age.  Will be fun to see where her career takes her.

As for photos, my most recent > PSB Foto Badger Football

You may also access my recent work by clicking on the links to the right on the home page. As always, thanks for stopping by!



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August 7, 2013 ~

Just signed up with Thumbtack, interested in seeing results 🙂

How Color Runs Ruin Camera Equipment

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May 11, 2013~

I saw this on PetaPixel and had to share with my followers. The story is about the fast growing sport of Color Runs.

They make great photos but read the article to see what it does to camera’s and lenses.

Stay tuned for more on the blog in the next week 🙂

Please vote for PSB Foto

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April 5, 2013~

Greetings PSB Foto followers~ I am hoping to win a contest and need your vote 🙂

Sponsored by Intuit, the contest is for small businesses and I could possibly win $5,000.00.  I am trying to win in order to upgrade my photo equipment. I have noticed that when submitting photos the feedback I sometimes receive is, ‘the photos need to be tack sharp’, which they would be if I could afford Canon’s L series Lenses and the Canon 1D Mark IV or 6D.

Any help voting for me is greatly appreciated PSB Foto followers 🙂

I thank you in advance for your vote and remember to please bookmark as you may vote once a day.

Here is the link>

PSB Foto Usage on Sports Illustrated – Barry Alvarez

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Dec 19, 2012~

Found another of my photo’s on Sports Illustrated of Barry Alvarez who will coach Wisconsin in the 2013 Rose Bowl.

I have been out of commission the past few weeks due to surgery and trips to the ER, however, things are slowly getting back on track.

Happy Holidays to all!!

Updates and changes to PSB Foto website

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November 14, 2012~

It’s been a while since updating my pages and links, so, changes and additions are in process during the next week or two. Stay tuned and I think you will enjoy the additions of new photos and other updates . As always, thanks for stopping!


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