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PSB Foto back online after brief hiatus

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November 11, 2015~

Well, glad to say I am back! After a brief hiatus, and forgetting to renew my website in August, everything comes together at last.

Please stay tuned as I have lots of images appearing on Sports Illustrated, football cards, etc.

Lots of excitement, and stories,  to follow.

Thanks for your patience and I will try to be more diligent with updates. – psb


Wisconsin Volleyball clinches Big Ten Championship 2014

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November 26, 2014~

It’s always nice to see one of my images used but tonight is especially gratifying as the Wisconsin Badgers Volleyball team clinched the 2014 Big Ten Championship! Here is the facebook grab of my image.

Photo by Patrick S Blood/PSB Foto Congratulations to the Badgers as they claim Big Ten Volleyball Title!

Photo by Patrick S Blood/PSB Foto
Congratulations to the Badgers as they claim Big Ten Volleyball Title!

PSB Foto Assignments 2014

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September 2, 2014~

Just a quick update as things are starting to heat up with photo assignments~ will be covering Brewers, Badger football, and Brewers over the next two weeks. Check back often or click on Corbis link on home page for most recent photos.

Tuesday Tips ~ Keys of Winning Photojournalists

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January 20, 2014~

Just saw a great article by Alex Garcia, of the Chicago Tribune, entitled:

Tuesday Tips: 10 Key Traits of Winning Photojournalists 

Had to share with my readers as so many points are spot on.  I realize it is from 2010, but some things are ageless.

I am going to list his top ten but you must read the full article for his explanations.

  1. A lone wolf orientation
  2. Single, or have a flexible family life
  3. An Immovable Faith in the Power of an Image
  4. Fearless
  5. Fast and Decisive
  6. Ability to Self-Edit
  7. Competitive, Very
  8. Clever
  9. Relentless
  10. Anointed

As an award winner in several photo contests I can attest most, if not all attributes, are required for an award winning entry.


November 18, 2013 by PSB Foto

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November 18, 2013~

After a trip back from Madison, Wisconsin I decided rather than posting on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media will try to concentrate more on my blog. Especially after reading the latest terms of services from Facebook. More on that in another blog post.

Was reading Jim Colton’s blog and saw this great quote:

I have often said that a good picture has to be “affective” to be “effective.” A truly great image causes a visceral reaction within us. It makes us mad, it makes us cry, it makes us laugh – it makes us feel something.  If an image hasn’t done one of those things, then it hasn’t done its job.

Totally agree, enough said.

Another recent story that I found of interest on Yahoo~

Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo brings video-game design to reality

make sure you check out the gallery~ sweet concept images 🙂 Put it on the Christmas list.

My nephew and I continue to track where people have checked in to the blog. We have one continent left Antarctica.

Hope to get visitors from Iceland, Greenland, and more of the African countries… feel free to forward to friends in those countries 😉

Am going to try and update this blog on a more consistent basis so stay tuned and thanks again for stopping!

Badger football by PSB Foto ~ November 14, 2013

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November 14, 2013~

It’s been a while since I updated the blog so a quick note or two.

I have another Badger football game this weekend against Indiana. After attending last weekends Badger football game have to share how impressed I was with the singer of the National Anthem, Skylar Stecker, left me impressed to say the least. After doing some research found out her parent’s recently moved to Southern California from Wisconsin in order to pursue her career. Interesting to say career when referring to an 11-year-old but if her parents are good with it so be it. An article by Doug Moe of the Wisconsin State Journal on the Stecker story. Her voice and stage presence belie her age.  Will be fun to see where her career takes her.

As for photos, my most recent > PSB Foto Badger Football

You may also access my recent work by clicking on the links to the right on the home page. As always, thanks for stopping by!


2013 Midseason All-America Team Melvin Gordon Wisconsin

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October 24, 2103~

Was scrolling through the Sports Illustrated website and was pleasantly surprised to see another of my photos as the lead photo for the gallery> 2013 Midseason All-America Team, with Melvin Gordon of Wisconsin as the cover.

Pretty proud to say the least. Here is a link to the photo>

Melvin Gordon by PSB Foto


To see my latest published work >

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