3.4-magnitude quake hits near Napa, California

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August 31, 2014 ~

per CNN>>

(CNN) — A 3.4-magnitude earthquake rumbled through northern California early Sunday, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

The quake hit 5 miles southwest of Napa, the center of California’s famed wine country.

There are no reports of damage so far, the Napa County Sheriff’s Office said.

It comes a week after a 6.0-magnitude quake — the strongest in northern California in a quarter of a century — struck the same area on August 24.

Last week’s quake injured dozens, damaged historic buildings in downtown Napa and turned fireplaces into rubble. It also caused at least $1 billion in property damage in Napa and other communities.

The two earthquakes were a little over a mile from each other.


*Breaking News * 6.1 Earthquake hits American Canyon, California

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A 6.1 earthquake hits American Canyon, California with current reports of 42,000 without power in the area.

A photo purported to be of the Wine section at Safeway in American Canyon.

safeway wine

and from YouTube

Home Security video of the American Canyon quake

 and this link via SF Gate blog – Social Media reacts to Earthquake

Stay tuned for additional information in the next several hours.


GoFundMe for Double B Vineyards

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February 20, 2014~

After a brutal winter I have set up a GoFundMe account to re-stock the Double B Vineyard. My nephew and I enjoy spending time  working in the vineyard and hopefully, teaching him some life lessons along the way. Hard work, budgeting, math skills, social media skills via GoFundMe, and photography of the vineyard  are all part of the learning experience. We also plan on utilizing the photos to report to our ‘stakeholders’ and donors in the future.

For more information, or to donate, please check out the link> http://www.gofundme.com/6zzbww

Double B Vineyard

Thank you in advance and I look forward to reporting to any donors on our progress. It’s fun to make dreams come true 🙂


January 28, 2014 Current Weather Conditions Central Wisconsin

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January 28, 2014~

This photo pretty much sums up current conditions in central Wisconsin

by Patrick S Blood/PSB Foto

Wind Chill – 50 below ZERO by Patrick S Blood/PSB Foto

Silent Epidemic in Arizona ~ Valley Fever or “cocci”

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January 27, 2014~

Found this interesting story during the last week. The title alone would get you interested~ “A Horrific ‘Silent Epidemic’ is spreading in the American Southwest”.

The story reported that most cases occur in Arizona and have increased tenfold between 1998 and 2011, “and in the most severe cases,” Goodyear writes in The New Yorker, there is “no cure.”

I have a friend who will be visiting Arizona and asked what ‘valley fever’ was all about.  The first thing I told them, it is not contagious.

A little-researched and little-known disease called valley fever (or “cocci”), which people can get when they inhale a fungus named Coccidioides immitis, is found in dirt and dust. Two-thirds of cases occur in Arizona, where “in 2012, valley fever was the second-most-reported disease.”

The fungus infects the lungs, but can also spread to the skin, bones, liver, brain, heart, and the membranes that protect the brain and spinal cord.

Here is a link to the full story.  I will happily deal with the cold weather with current conditions of – 50 below zero with the wind chill. Stay tuned for additional stories in the next week 🙂 Thanks for stopping!

*UPDATE (Jan. 28, 2014) * and this from CNBC today  >

The silent epidemic known as valley fever

Stock Market and Black Swan event 2014

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January 23, 2014~

Many of my followers know that I am a freelance photographer, what they may not know is that I was a stockbroker for a number of years and won numerous stock picking awards and contests. As 2014 gets off to a relatively modest start, my proprietary indicators have been throwing up red flags as of late. My indicators predict a pull back to the 12,811 -12,820 level on the Dow this year, a 20.9% loss. Should we get the black swan event, my target on the Dow is 9,774, or a loss of 39.6%, with long term support around 7,286.

If the markets dropped the 89.5% they did in the 1930’s, that would give us a Dow of approximately 1,738.74. Unthinkable at today’s levels.

The Dow Jones fell from a high of 386.10 on 3rd September 1929 to a low of 40.56 on July 8th 1932, a massive nominal drop of 89.5% and 87.5% inflation-adjusted. The market would not recover to nominal 1929 prices again until the 1950’s, some 25 years later. In inflation-adjusted terms, the market price of an average investment made in 1929 would not break-even again until 1960, some 31 years later.


After bright explosion, astronomers rush to study new supernova

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January 22, 2014~

Saw this and had to share with my followers…

A Type 1a supernova was spotted a few hours ago, and if you have access to a telescope and clear skies, you may be able to see it yourself. It was spotted in the Cigar Galaxy (galaxy M82),  and scientists are hailing it as a spectacular chance to study a relatively rare event.

Apparently the supernova is 11.4 million light-years away from Earth. This is the closest such supernova that has been detected since 1972, and is poised to give astronomers and cosmologists some invaluable insight into how such stellar explosions pan out, and what we can learn about neutrinos, gamma rays and dark energy from them.

Location of the white-dwarf that went supernova about 12 million years ago, and whose light reached Earth on January. The galaxy is the M28 "Cigar" galaxy.

Location of the white-dwarf that went supernova about 12 million years ago, and whose light reached Earth on January. The galaxy is the M28 “Cigar” galaxy. Photo by Gallery Picture Library


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