Journalism Behavior

The following is taken from the book, THE GREAT PICTURE HUNT by Dave LaBelle.

Nothing is more unbecoming or harmful to Journalism than insensitivity toward the rights and feelings of others. In a high-profile job like journalism, the way we treat others is critical in shaping public opinion about our profession. You will often be the only direct contact many people will ever have with the media. Your behavior while gathering the news may determine the lasting impressions people have of journalism. Unfortunately , there are journalists who are so enamored with their jobs that they see themselves as some kind of a privileged class. They view their subjects more as objects than fellow human beings.

Operating with a “get out of my way” approach, without regard for the vulnerability of the subject or the fragility of the situation, is unacceptable behavior. Sometimes failing to read a situation can be as harmful as trespassing or stealing.

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I also want to note that people are somewhat confused when it comes to photographing people in public places or at public events which I hope to clear up.

A great link to Wisconsin Photographers Bill of Rights will hopefully clear up some of the confusion. Some additional information:The Photographer’s Right.


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