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Earthquake: 3.7 quake strikes near San Jacinto, Calif. * Breaking *

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Sept. 2, 2014~

Recent reports show a shallow magnitude 3.7 earthquake  Tuesday evening at San Jacinto, Calif., according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The temblor occurred at 7:38 p.m. Pacific time at a depth of 8.1 miles..

According to the USGS, the epicenter was three miles from Hemet, Calif., and four miles from Valle Vista, Calif.

In the past 10 days, there has been one earthquake magnitude 3.0 and greater centered nearby.


3.4-magnitude quake hits near Napa, California

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August 31, 2014 ~

per CNN>>

(CNN) — A 3.4-magnitude earthquake rumbled through northern California early Sunday, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

The quake hit 5 miles southwest of Napa, the center of California’s famed wine country.

There are no reports of damage so far, the Napa County Sheriff’s Office said.

It comes a week after a 6.0-magnitude quake — the strongest in northern California in a quarter of a century — struck the same area on August 24.

Last week’s quake injured dozens, damaged historic buildings in downtown Napa and turned fireplaces into rubble. It also caused at least $1 billion in property damage in Napa and other communities.

The two earthquakes were a little over a mile from each other.

*Breaking News * 6.1 Earthquake hits American Canyon, California

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A 6.1 earthquake hits American Canyon, California with current reports of 42,000 without power in the area.

A photo purported to be of the Wine section at Safeway in American Canyon.

safeway wine

and from YouTube

Home Security video of the American Canyon quake

 and this link via SF Gate blog – Social Media reacts to Earthquake

Stay tuned for additional information in the next several hours.


2013 Midseason All-America Team Melvin Gordon Wisconsin

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October 24, 2103~

Was scrolling through the Sports Illustrated website and was pleasantly surprised to see another of my photos as the lead photo for the gallery> 2013 Midseason All-America Team, with Melvin Gordon of Wisconsin as the cover.

Pretty proud to say the least. Here is a link to the photo>

Melvin Gordon by PSB Foto


To see my latest published work >

Pinterest Published by Patrick S Blood/PSB Foto

Announcing New from Think Tank Photo – Mirroless Camera Bags

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May 10, 2013~

Breaking News from our friends at Think Tank Photo! Just announced ~ their first camera bag collection for Mirrorless cameras, the Mirrorless Movers™.  The Mirrorless Movers come in four sizes that range in size from the Mirrorless Mover 5, which fits one small size mirrorless body with a small telephoto or pancake lens attached, up to the Mirrorless Mover 30i, which fits one medium to large size mirrorless body plus two to four lenses and an iPad.

 As is their design philosophy, Think Tank placed a premium on quality.  The new bags utilize metal hardware instead of plastic buckles, and only high quality fabrics, YKK zippers and a new, magnetic closure.  In the words of their president and lead designer Doug Murdoch, “The Mirrorless Movers offer photographers quality in their camera bags worthy of their investment in these sophisticated, expensive camera systems.”

When you click on this special link you will receive free gear with all orders of $50 or more and free shipping on all orders if you order by May 31, 2013.

FREE SHIPPING if ordered by MAY 31, 2013

FREE SHIPPING if ordered by MAY 31, 2013

 The four sizes are:

 ·        The Mirrorless Mover 5 fits one small size mirrorless body with a small telephoto or pancake lens attached. It is sized for the Canon EOS–M, Leica D–Lux, Nikon 1 series, Olympus E–PM2, E–PL5, EP–3, Panasonic GF3, Sony NEX–C3, or similar sized bodies.

·         The Mirrorless Mover 10 fits one medium size mirrorless body plus one to two lenses and additional accessories. It is sized for the Leica V–Lux, Olympus OM–D E–M5, Panasonic G3, GF5, GH2, Samsung NX5, NX11, NX210, Sony NEX–5, NEX–6, NEX–7, or similar sized/smaller bodies.

·         The Mirrorless Mover 20 fits one medium size mirrorless body plus two to three lenses and additional accessories. It is sized for the Leica V–Lux, Olympus OM–D E–M5, Panasonic G3, GF5, GH2, Samsung NX5, NX11, NX210, Sony NEX–5, NEX–6, NEX–7, or similar sized/smaller bodies.

·         The Mirrorless Mover 30i fits one medium to large size mirrorless body plus two to four lenses, iPad, and additional accessories or a small–size DSLR and one to three small telephoto lenses or primes. It is sized for the Fuji X–Pro 1, Leica M8, Panasonic GH3 or similar sized/smaller bodies. Small DSLRs: Canon Rebel, Nikon D3200/D5200, Sony SLT–A55/A37 or similar sized bodies.

Massive Police Operation in Boston Area Watertown

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April 19, 2103~

Early reports of gunshots and explosions in Watertown, MA > > perhaps one of the suspects was involved in Boston Marathon bombing.

Live coverage >

IED explosion in , near Boston. 2 Suspects in custody. Unconfirmed if related to or . Anything across a police scanner is a fluid situation, meaning constantly changing. It is instant, not necessarily confirmed.

Homeland security involved, heavily armored vehicles and helicopter in air.

UPDATE* Breaking ~ An arrest is being made right now… Local says 2 men threw what appeared to be “pressure cooker bomb” at police. Bomb robot still on Laurel St. (via )

2:00 AM (CST) UPDATE ~

From tweets~ BPD scanner has identified the names : Suspect 1: Mike Mulugeta Suspect 2: Sunil Tripathi.

2:12 AM (CST) UPDATE ~

From Pundit Press ~



Stay tuned ~

3:01 AM (CST) Update ~ Live Stream Police Scanner >

3:10 AM (CST) Update ~  I am enraged by this picture. Via The most powerful picture I’ve seen.. stunning

4:35 AM (CST) Update ~ NBC News link>

5:12 AM (CST) Update ~ Blood found according to Live Stream Boston Police Scanner …

5:18 AM (CST) Update ~ Sounds like they have him and others in custody according to Boston Police Scanner…

5:33 AM (CST) Update ~ other reports of Caucasian male, 2 middle eastern males on the ground outside of a cab. Officer sounds out of breath…  also hearing sounds like sending in K-9 units in…

5:40AM (CST) Update~ Suspects appear to be from Turkey, possibly Chechens. No names yet. (via )

5:41 AM (CST) Update ~ BREAKING: AP says bombing suspects are Russian. They’ve been in US for 1 year

5:45 AM (CST) Update~Searches are now going house to house to clear area in Watertown.

5:48 AM (CST) Update ~ AP: Surviving Boston bomb suspect identified as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge, Mass. The brothers are 19 and 20, both legal permanent residents, reports . The surname is Tsar.

5:50 AM (CST) Update ~ The suspects are brothers, aged 19 and 20. Djhokar Tsarnaez of Cambridge, MA., is the one still at large. Alternate spelling Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

5:58 AM (CST) ~ If AP claims are authentic, it would clear Sunil Tripathi’s name.

6:11 AM (CST) ~ Going to explode a device from the sounds of police chatter on scanner.

6:17 AM(CST) ~ ‘Suspects are in custody’… all units high visibility ~ sounds like they are going to detonate a device in a vehicle.

6:21 AM (CST) ~ Police activity taking place in Boston’s Kenmore Square. Two people in handcuffs.

6:23 AM (CST) ~ per Boston PD ~ For residents in the area of Comm and Charlesgate, police will be conducting a controlled detonation.

6:26 AM (CST) ~ Photo from Twitter ~ Wow ~ Troops on roof ~

6:36 AM (CST) ~ Tamerlan Tsarnaev photo on Photoshelter~

Tamerlan Tsarnaev Photo Gallery>

7:06 AM (CST) ~ Entire city of Boston Bombing manhunt continues; shelter-in-place extended to Boston, Massachusetts governor says

7:31 AM (CST) ~ 3.5 mile are around Boston ~ NO FLY ZONE

7:39 AM (CST) ~ SWAT Scanner Again “EXTREME CAUTION’ Suspect confirmed in wearing a suicide jacket”

7:51 AM (CST) ~ Scanner: “It looks like we have some type of rocket or something in the basement here.”

7:54 AM (CST) ~ Individual in gray hoodie and backpack identified in industrial building outside police parameter.

8:02 AM (CST) ~ Officer on scanner: “Suspect is posting online: ‘I will kill all of you. You killed my brother'”‘  Could be a fake twitter account…


8:49 AM (CST) ~ per Twitter feed ~ UPDATE: PD looking for a third suspect (accomplice) who is the person they are looking for on the Amtrak train. They have train surrounded.

8:51 AM (CST) ~ NBC News: Boston PD now say they are looking for 2 suspects – brother of slain suspect & accomplice who has not yet been identified.

9:34 AM (CST) ~ FLASH: Honda CRV sought by Boston Police has been recovered -(post from 8:37 AM)

9:56 AM (CST) ~ A Suspect is in custody. He has something in his right hand. Possible “deadman, switch.” Wearing a vest.

10:34 AM (CST) ~ SWAT is moving in…

10:55 AM (CST) ~ Codes used on police scanner >

The most commonly used response codes are:

  • CODE 1: Non-emergency response. No lights or siren, following the flow of traffic.
  • CODE 2: Non-emergency response, but important. Must follow traffic laws. Lights and siren may be used to avoid stopped or slow traffic and to maintain safety.
  • CODE 3: Life-threat response. Emergency traffic, or simultaneous use of lights and siren required in order to achieve a rapid response.
  • CODE 4: All clear or I am okay. Also used to tell another unit they can disregard.
  • CODE 5: Area under surveillance. All marked units stay out of area.
  • CODE 6: Calling for a cover unit(s).
  • CODE 7: Lunch break.
  • CODE 8: Confidential information.
  • CODE 9: All non-emergency traffic stay off the radio. A beep transmits over the air every couple of seconds.
  • CODE 0: Big emergency. All units in the area respond code 3 to the units’ location.


This is a developing story. Please check back for more updates.

Boston Marathon Suspects

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April 18, 2013~

Found this photo on the net with Suspect #2 in the lower left hand corner, others claim suspect #1 is next to lady in pink jacket

Photo from Boston Marathon


Here is a link to same photo with potential suspects circled ~

Another new photo ~

Contact FBI with any info ~ No one should approach them. No one should attempt to apprehend them except law enforcement.

Anyone with information should call the bureau’s toll-free number, 800-CALL-FBI (800-225-5324)

The following from CNN Website:

Suspect 1 was seen wearing a light-colored, collarless shirt underneath a dark-colored jacket and wearing a dark baseball cap.

A man in dressed in similar fashion to Suspect 2 — in a light-colored hooded sweatshirt, a black jacket and a white baseball cap turned backward — had been identified as a possible suspect in the attack on Wednesday by two sources with knowledge of the investigation. A law enforcement official who was being briefed on the investigation regularly said images showing two men near the marathon finish line were being circulated to state and federal law enforcement agencies Wednesday evening.

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