Boston Marathon news

April 15, 2013~

I have been watching the news on the Boston Marathon tragedy and will share details as I receive them, mainly with links to original reporting.

The first is from Time by Boston Globe photojournalist John Tlumacki, some of the images are graphic, however, a photojournalist job is to capture the events as they unfold. Stay focused and do your job.

The next is a story of Bill Iffrig who was the runner who was knocked off his feet when the blast occurred. I was happy to see that he was OK and it will be one of the images that stays with me for a long time.

According to other reports, authorities found five additional undetonated explosive devices in Boston. Also, subpoena requests for cell phone tower records to see when calls were placed at the time of bombing.  Additional details to follow.


I realized one of my good friends from grade school, high school, college, was participating in the Marathon and tried reaching him on Facebook with no response. I looked at the Boston Marathon Official Results  and realized he finished in 3:22:57. I  assume he is safe but you never know. Made me think of great times we shared growing up and how we haven’t stayed in touch over the years. Hope to remedy the situation in the near future.

Another link to additional photos, but I do want to warn you ~ the IMAGES ARE GRAPHIC in nature.

Terror at the Boston Marathon

Officials are also focusing on an apartment in Revere, MA. State police as well as federal authorities were reportedly at the apartment complex from 5:30 PM. A person in the building tweeted that authorities were present.


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