Secret Launch in California not missile but secret OTV spaceplane X-37B

November 9, 2010~

After doing in-depth research I believe the recent “missile launch” in California may actually be the result of a secret launch of the X-37B spaceplane. The OTV program, shrouded in secrecy, is managed by the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office. Once in orbit, it can stay there for up to 270 days depending upon the mission.

Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent on the project, but the true total will never be known.

The Air Force has given a very general description of the mission objectives: testing of guidance, navigation, control, thermal protection and autonomous operation in orbit, re-entry and landing.

While the massive Space Shuttles have been likened to cargo-hauling trucks, the X-37B is more like a sports car, with the equivalent trunk capacity.

The X-37B is 9m long (29ft) and has a wingspan of 4.5m (15ft), making it a quarter of the size of a normal Shuttle.

It is powered by a solar cells and lithium-ion batteries, unlike a traditional craft which is powered by a fuel cell system. It has a large engine at the rear for orbit changing. The space plane is also reusable.

According to Dr Joan Johnson-Freese, chair of national security and decision making at the US Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island, in a story dated April 23, 2010 for the BBC~ she claimed the US military had wanted a craft with the ability to loiter in space for some time.

‘If it lives up to its speculated hype, it could be a manoeuvrable satellite,’ she said.

‘You could move it to, for example, hover over the straits of Taiwan and it could evade attempts to shoot it down. It could do a lot of things that up until this point have been mostly fiction.’

Makes sense for Navy to launch due to its size and portability. Will continue the research so stay tuned.


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