RockBats are Hot…

June 15, 2010~

Corey Hart is leading the National League in home runs during 2010.

Could the reason be the bat he is using? 

The science behind the batsays it’s entirely possible.

RockBats with “HardCore Technology”, are manufactured in Antigo, WI out of hard maple.

From the RockBat website ~

Having read all those stories about the “special” White Ash that Louisville Slugger harvests from those “secret” forests in the Appalachians, Roland’s answer was always  (with a smirk)… this was Wisconsin Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) that was processed specifically for straight-grain baseball bat blanks and the actual location of this forest was a “secret”.  ~Roland Hernandez

A couple of photos on a recent tour of RockBats manufacturing plant while finishing an order for Corey Hart and Prince Fielder for the upcoming series against the Rockies.

For more information please contact me, or for Rockbats orders please use coupon code> PSBFOTO to receive discount.



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Latest press on RockBats:

Antigo Daily Journal, Wausau Daily Herald, Channel 7 News




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