Sally Pfund, Merrill Volleyball coach, mourned by Merrill community

October 9, 2009~

Merrill Area Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Lisa Snyder, MHS principal Shannon Murray and Activities Director Jordan Sinz announced Merrill volleyball coach Sally Pfund’s passing Friday morning at a press conference. She was 49 and leaves behind a husband and two adult daughters.

October 8, 2009~

Merrill head coach Sally Pfund suffered a massive stroke today and her family is not expecting her to survive, according to Merrill Area Public Schools.

Sally Pfund ~ © 2009 Patrick S Blood, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED IMG_6301

Some links pertaining to the news:

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Merrill School District Press Release

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Merrill high school and community are in our thoughts and prayers.
Sally Pfund
My most vivid memory of Sally was of a meet at DC Everest last year. After photographing volleyball action all day, Sally decided I was in the wrong position and called out for me to move. Being in the same position most of the day, I thought she was talking about another photographer.
Looking around and seeing no one, I asked if she meant me. She said yes. At that point I moved, looked at the up judge and we both chuckled.  By yelling across the floor she distracted her team, as they were now more concerned with me than the opponent, and swiftly lost that set.
One of the DC Everest girls, who will remain anonymous, said at the beginning of the next set, “That’s OK, we like photographers” and smiled.  Needless to say, the rest of the pictures were of DC Everest.
Sally was a fierce competitor and didn’t hesitate to let you know her opinion.  She will be missed as she added excitement to the game.

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