Mark Murphy and Green Bay Packers who signed autographs

Today’s photo is a candid of Green Bay Packers President and Chief Executive Officer Mark Murphy taken September 19, 2008 outside of the Players entrance.

It was great to see so many of the Packer players actually stop to sign autographs yesterday.  Charles Woodson signed along with AJ Hawk, Brandon Chillar, Scott Wells, Charlie Peprah, Desmond Bishop, among others. Aaron Rogers and Donald Driver did not sign but I hear that Donald signs quite often so he must have had plans.  Jimmy Robinson, Wide Receivers coach, also signed. Thanks to all! I felt like an eight year old kid out there!

I also enjoyed my conversation with the couple from Odessa, Texas who came to Green Bay to root the PACKERS to VICTORY in Sunday Nights Game! Not sure how much merchandise was left for Packers fans as they seemed to make quite a haul (we thank you for your support!).

I also had the pleasure of meeting motivational speaker and Nashville singer Keni Thomas. He shared some inspirational stories and it made me realize once again the sacrifice of our Armed Forces. Seems like he really enjoyed the Green Bay Packer Tour and here are a couple of photos from the day. Thanks again Keni!

From his Website bio…

More than a gifted musician, Thomas possesses an exceptional personal story that is uniquely inspiring. He is a decorated combat veteran of the elite 75th Ranger Rgt special operations unit. As a military analyst, Thomas has made numerous appearances on ever major television network including a featured story on Good Morning America and specials on The History and Discovery channels. He is regularly booked as a keynote speaker for corporations and organizations around the nation sharing his motivating story of teamwork and leadership. As a country singer, his dedicated work on behalf of our veterans has been recognized by Congress and the National Defense Foundation.  Thomas is the recipient of the American Patriot Award, The Carlton Sherwood Media Award and the bronze star for valor.


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