Tana G ~ The Fillmor in Wausau

I attended a great Roadhouse Blues show in Wausau, WI


on Friday, July 25, 2008

Dr. Dan & the Roadhouse Rockers featuring Tana G

No one left disappointed as this was a great show!

Band was outstanding~ and as for Tana, she is so into her songs it sometimes feels as if the music is controlling her, rather than the other way around.

Photo Montage of the show on YOUTUBE

The crowd was on the dance floor from the first number and didn’t stop all night!

My favorite photo of Miss Tana with more to follow.

Miss Tana G in lights

Miss Tana G in lights

Make sure to catch their act in a venue near you.

The FILLMOR is a great addition to the Wausau music scene!


One Response to “Tana G ~ The Fillmor in Wausau”

  1. Oh my God! This girl is amazing! I just checked out her website and she has the voice of an angel! She is also gorgeous! She is unbelievable and I cannot help but know that one day she will the grace the stages of Broadway and change the face of the music industry with her incredible talent! Thanks for bringing her a little closer to us Patrick!


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